Over the last 250 years there have been over 51 Methodist Churches in the area now known as the Burnley and Pendle circuit. In addition, there were numerous small societies worshipping in homes in the early days of Methodism in the town. These societies have occupied more than 60 suites of premises.

The Padiham Road church community has been formed by the amalgamation of several Methodist Congregations over the past 60 years.

It is now a number of years since we launched our appeal for funds for the redevelopment of Padiham Road Methodist Church. Here is a detailed review of our current position and a reminder of the project aim.

We hoped to create a welcoming environment for a wider range of activities and both Church and Community users by remodelling the existing spaces to allow more efficient use of the building

In recent times we have seen additional organisations requesting to use the building and we find we were unable to accommodate all of these. we have also seen an increase in the number of young people attending our groups. We now have over 200 children under 15 using the premises every week. This is an incredible number that we must strive to maintain.

In redeveloping, our aim was to remodel our existing space to provide:

A single, common, central welcome entrance area incorporating circulation space, seating and display areas.

A level floor throughout the entire building giving full disabled access.

Multipurpose spaces for use by church and community allowing a wide range of flexible use throughout the week.

Remodelling of small underused, damp rooms.

Redesigned access to the toilet and kitchen areas.

Three new multipurpose meeting rooms to encourage extended community use.

IT facilities, including Wi-Fi, screens and ceiling mounted data projectors.

New zoned environmentally friendly heating system.

Replacement and insulation of the roof.

Outside space which can be used safely by our children and young people.

The result is a totally transformed suite of premises which:

Provide a church at the heart of local and circuit communities which witnesses the love of Christ, where all people feel welcome, secure and comfortable.

Assist the church to achieve its mission, vision and calling.

Provide a new lease of life to a well - used community facility, allowing our resources to be fully utilised and ensuring the premises are a continued community asset for the future.

Provide a place in which the community feels it has a shared ownership and where each persons contribution is valued.

Allow the church to build on existing community links and develop these further.


There is still work to be done, for which fundraising continues. We are currently sourcing funding to provide the following:

A new digital organ for the worship area.

Additional IT facilities for the meeting rooms.

A play surface and  fencing on the outside area to allow the toddlers and young children to play outside safely.

A sports net in the community hall to divide the space and allow ball games to be played safely.

Work continues by ourselves on a monthly basis including painting, cleaning and tidying of all spaces.


We are reminded of our mission statement:

Padiham Road Methodist Church works to spread the good news of Jesus Christ by worshipping, witnessing and sharing the love of God in the community.

The new facilities in our redeveloped suite of premises will enable us, in part to move forward with this work. Premises are a key part of our Christian witness n the community, but the building needs to be used and we look forward to welcoming more new groups onto the site.